hazy memories …

9 Mar

Today saw me jumping straight back into the saddle (and the drivers seat) after putting life on pause for a couple of weeks while we circumnavigated the globe….but I soon realise that one’s memory can become rusty fairly quickly.

Having not needed to remember PIN numbers or passwords for a couple of weeks, I suddenly found myself with sweaty palms as I realised that I needed to buy petrol today. …Not only was there the pump number to remember, but also the six digit odometer reading and petrol card password….it went something like this ~ 16, 106466,2758

After queuing for several minutes and repeating the sequence of numbers over and over in my mind, I finally made it to the register to pay for my fuel. As soon as I swiped the card, an error message appeared and the attendant started asking me some questions (distracting from the delicate balance of the number sequence). The error indicated that my card had been stolen and therefore the account had been stopped … both interesting, but new news to my ears. credit cards

As  my heart skipped a beat and the queue behind me grew,  I reached of another plastic card to quickly pay (thinking I would sort out the mess later)… but you guessed it by the time I did, I had so many random numbers floating in my brain that I couldn’t retrieve the correct PIN number for THAT account.

Finally it all came together and I managed to get out of there without any further embarrassment… I’m hoping this was just an anomaly. I’m ‘50 something’… but not dead yet.’



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