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the soundtrack of my day…

4 Nov

Can you imagine being trapped in a dark tunnel, with the sounds of jack hammers banging in your head….while being tortured by pedestrian quality karaoke voices singing  what was about as entertaining as the soundtrack of a bad James Bond movie ???james bond

No ? …Well that was how I finished my day. Subjected to an MRI scan on several body bits in the one sitting, there I was this evening in a tunnel of auditory torture for over an hour.

The worst part? … no it was not having my head strapped in a ‘cage’… nor not laying still without flinching a muscle … or panicking that I might sneeze… it was the inescapable music being piped directly  into my brain, with the background beat of the jack-hammer.

Despite the tragedy of the situation I managed a giggle when the first song cranked up and this sultry Asian/Australian voice belted out  ‘I will survive’….. oh the irony 😉

Lets just hope the results are worth the torture …….



Today’s window (courtesy of Bronny) ….looks remarkably similar in size to my tunnel of torture , but far more festive.