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the soundtrack of my day…

4 Nov

Can you imagine being trapped in a dark tunnel, with the sounds of jack hammers banging in your head….while being tortured by pedestrian quality karaoke voices singing  what was about as entertaining as the soundtrack of a bad James Bond movie ???james bond

No ? …Well that was how I finished my day. Subjected to an MRI scan on several body bits in the one sitting, there I was this evening in a tunnel of auditory torture for over an hour.

The worst part? … no it was not having my head strapped in a ‘cage’… nor not laying still without flinching a muscle … or panicking that I might sneeze… it was the inescapable music being piped directly  into my brain, with the background beat of the jack-hammer.

Despite the tragedy of the situation I managed a giggle when the first song cranked up and this sultry Asian/Australian voice belted out  ‘I will survive’….. oh the irony 😉

Lets just hope the results are worth the torture …….



Today’s window (courtesy of Bronny) ….looks remarkably similar in size to my tunnel of torture , but far more festive.

rewind friday

29 Aug

After being caught in some kind of timewarp LAST Friday and getting it all wrong …we made it tonight to catch this awesome and moving show.

.. Rolling Thunder Vietnam

If you remember the 70’s…the incense, the flowers, the garage bands, the weed and the war… If you loved the music, and you feel like a bit of time travel.. do yourself a huge favour and get there.

Definitely Baby Boomer bliss … plus a fabulous way to share our history and our music with our young’ns…and to reinforce the futility and stupidity of war.

Limited shows  but if you are quick you might strike it lucky here !!!!