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cubicle life …

8 Aug

So many amusing things encountered in my world today … but one of the most bizarre was a (yet another)  toilet story … I have no idea why my musings often involve the cubicle… perhaps it’s something to do with slowing down and taking notice ???? …but lets not go there.

Anyway, I was working at one of our health centres and trotted off to the staff bathroom. While washing my hands I turned and noticed an A4 sized flyer blu tac’d on the partition beside me  and promising Fresh Air  (kind of amusing in a toilet block) …but bear with me.


As I looked closer at the notice, I discovered it was a promo for a ‘new’ smoke free policy being launched across the health facility, and advising workers of their rights … Now nothing TOO unusual about that EXCEPT if you note the date at the bottom ….. it was LAST CENTURY!!! …literally !! April 1998.

This harmless sheet of paper has been housed in the four walls of the women’s toilets for 16 years and yet it’s promising that Fresh Air is COMING … I know that there is a lot of red tape and things don’t move quickly  in the Health sector … but seriously ????

I might just run a survey to see who has actually read the notice … I just wonder………