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hope or fortune ????

30 Jul

So far I have resisted the temptation to write nonsense about my work … lets face it 8 or so hours each day is enough without writing about it too… BUT the truth is there are SO MANY things to ‘wonder about’ in that interesting yet at times bizarre, environment.

Today I drove a 4 and a half hour round trip to attend a one hour presentation…..

Yes, that in itself is a little odd, but to discover that the presenters were Professors Hope and Fortune  (true) …and they were discussing a rise in HIV and Hepatitis C in the United Kingdom – directly linked to an increase in steroid use …made me wonder if perhaps they should change their names ???



excess baggage ….

27 Feb

There has been a lot said lately about the dramatic rise in steroid use….for a whole lot of reasons; and while the debate is raging about health impacts, costs to the health system, and cheats in sport….I haven’t yet heard anyone discuss the impact of steroids on flying.  ….(yep stick with me).muscles

Sitting in the airport yesterday I was struck by the number of fellas having trouble walking, with their over pumped thighs, triangular torsos and Popeye-like biceps…. I began to wonder if there was a muscle man convention happening somewhere …Then it hit me… SOMEONE (in this case many someones) would need to sit beside these blokes on the plane.

Anyone who has flown knows the limited personal space available, so the thought of having mine intruded on by all that hormone filled bulk for a 22 hour flight was just terrifying.

It got me thinking whether there should be an ‘excess bulk’ levy for these deliberately ‘image enhanced’ travellers.

However, I am happy to report that whatever was going on, it wasn’t in LA or New York ….we were safe from the ravages of a steroid enhanced flight…this time.P1120701