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back on the B_I_G issues ….

5 Aug

One would imagine that, being empty-nesters would mean a noticeable reduction in the use of household consumables ….and to a point that is true.

However there is one item that we seem to go through at a phenomenal rate ….perhaps equal (or close to) that of the days of having both kids at home.  While we can’t live without it, we  often resent spending good money  ….just to flush it down the loo!! ..loo paper

Yep you guessed it …the humble toilet paper.

The fact that we are using it up at such a rate, has not escaped my notice…and had me wondering what is going on in the bathroom. BUT then I actually studied a new roll of toilet paper and made a cheeky discovery…

Like so many things I believe that (rather than increase the price) the rolls have been reduced… NOT that you would notice because the rolling is a little ‘looser’ or the cardboard cylinder a little fatter …meaning that the circumference of the roll looks and feels similar….Now that’s sneaky …

I wondered if I was imagining this strange phenomenon…so I ‘googled’ it only to find that the Financial Review is in full agreement with my theory … so  in a practical sense it’s enough to really give you the shits.



a woman’s perogative

24 May

I am the first to admit that I sometimes get things wrong … BUT for many years I have argued a point that is debated in households across the globe; and believed I was right…That is, until today!toilet paper

Since the advent of toilet paper, the question of which way it should hang from the roll has been the topic of much domestic disharmony…

In fact, just recently I laughed when a young newly-wed came to work with this exact issue…he and his new bride could not agree and the argument was on …..  ‘against the wall’ vs ‘free falling’….who would win?

Personally I have ALWAYS been a ‘wall girl’, insisting that it was tidier…BUT for some reason this morning I had a complete change of heart and actually reversed the roll almost without thinking …and it immediately felt right. I have no idea what happened to cause this brain snap and it surprised me enormously but hey I’m a ’50 Something woman and I’m not dead yet’ so it’s my perogative.

I wonder …which way do you roll?