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spinning a story …

30 Apr

I have never pretended to be a naturist or have a very good handle on anything living …(other than people…I like to think). BUT it occurred to me today  just how little I know about spiders.cobweb

Not that I think it is an essential field of study … or that it is even particularly interesting …..BUT this morning I spied some of the biggest cobwebs I have ever seen. Spanning more than 2 meters between trees…they were massive, yet there was not a hint of the creatures responsible for putting them there.

Clearly these massive construction efforts happen overnight, presumably in an effort to trap their prey, but I wonder just where the owners disappear to when the sun comes up ? …Now, while I don’t particularly “like” them, I am not an arachnophobe… BUT all the same, I couldn’t help but keep a sharp eye out  as I passed by these amazing works of art, fearful that we might meet when I least expect it

I also contemplated what a waste of effort for the poor little critters … tomorrow they will have moved on and need to start spinning their homes all over again… I have never thought it before, but its a rough job having 8 legs and hanging around in silk all night.




pardon me if I repeat myself

12 Apr

…and I could (repeat myself that is) …with yet another public toilet adventure that happened today …. BUT I wont.

What I do want to talk about is our crazy habit of giving towns double (repeat word names) … Here I am tonight in Wagga Wagga.. yet all Aussies that I know, call it Wagga, and somehow when I hear the whole title I think people are trying to be funny, or mock the place..

When I left the airport  and was 5 mins down the road and came across the town (well call it a town  at a stretch …)gumly gumlyI was prompted to investigate. So… having settled into my hotel room, I resisted the urge to prepare myself for day 1 of Uni tomorrow and instead I consulted Mr Google about this silly name thing…. I was astonished to find that there are over 60 Australian locations whose names are duplicate words.

Not surprisingly many of them are Aboriginal names and apparently the reduplication is an indication of emphasis (if Wagga means crow then Wagga Wagga means MANY crows.. ) BUT what I don’t get is why we pick and choose which ones to abbreviate to one word … I mean why do we all call Wagga Wagga Wagga … but we don’t call Woy Woy, Woy??.

So many questions and so few answers …