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a little click goes a long way

31 Jan
if winners are grinners... this is me tonight.

if winners are grinners… this is me tonight.

I was having an average kind of Friday  ….just cruising along this afternoon and doing what I’m paid for; when my phone rang. Nothing unusual in that…except, for those of you who are not aware … I don’t ‘DO’ the phone (due to a voice disorder), but that’s another story.

I let it go to message bank, but when I cleared it…  wow did my day change!!!

I’ve never won anything really…I mean, I have known people who have won a little something here and there (even one somebody who manage a significant lottery win) … but ME ?? NEVER.

I’d forgotten all about the competition… it was a few weeks back and all I did was ‘click’ a box while I was buying some theatre tickets and now .. well, let’s just say a little click really does go a long way…New York City here I come!!