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what the ‘denier’ does this mean ???

14 Dec

So … talking about the meaning of measurements (as we were some time ago) … today I found myself considering  the meaning of ‘denier’ … who would have thought, choosing a pair of tights would be so tricky ????

Today, as I got dressed to go out into the snow , I was faced with the decision of which which tights to wear … 15 denier, 40 denier or two pairs of 15 (does that make 30 ?) ….or even 300denier….. why is it so tricky ?

I want cover, but not too thick, sheerness but not too see through…. warmth but not too heavy ….what the hell does this denier mean ? ….. It’s way too hard, so I opted for the easy solution…… does it look and feel ok?

Who cares about tensile strength? or a single strand of silk (which is apparently one denier equal in weight to 124 of an ounce of yarn). The term microdenier is used to describe filaments that weigh less than one gram per 9000 meters….so what does this have to do with my tights????

Truth is …all I really want @ 50 something is warm and comfy…..



damned if you do and damned if you don’t….

16 Jun

As the ill wind of winter blows it’s hard to know which way to duck to avoid the dreaded lurgy.  Now, while we Aussies can’t begin to appreciate a real  winter like our northern friends…we still have our fair share of coughs, colds and achy bits….and herein lies the problem…. At what point do we stay away from work?

Every day I have at least one person ask me when I lost my voice…(as they take a step back in horror and coldcover their mouth). When I respond with “oh… about 8 years ago… their tune changes and curiosity peaks; but the thought that I would dare come to work IF I was suffering from some sort of “bug” is clearly not too popular…. Bringing me back to the issue of ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’.

If you stay away people talk about you having ‘time off’ and letting the team down…..but if you go to the office they talk about you for ‘sharing the bugs’….So as far as I can see the only answer is to ‘mask up and suck it up’ (either that…, or work from home all winter).