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world voice day

15 Apr





Tell the world that today is …885978_502274659808486_1563844202_o (2)

CLICK to see the Voices in the Valley

celebrating in song

11 Apr

There is so much to say today and I don’t know where to start…

Do I tell you about getting locked in the carpark at work late last night when my car  was on the outside..AND it was pouring rain and dark… AND I needed to phone the security company to come and let me out (those of you that know me will see the humour in that).  I made the call and the guy sounds irritated and I realise that he thinks it’s a hoax call …I humour him and tell him, “no this is not my special phone voice just for you … it’s the one I live with and I am about to expire trying to have this conversation with you” . He sent a car around to let me out of jail … but not before I was wet cold and hungry.

So then the sun came up and it was the day that my 2 amazing vocal buddies and I have been waiting for … our very own World Voice Day Concert ~ “Voices in the Valley” !!  It was a fantastic accomplishment and an emotional ride as we watched the 10 performances demonstrate one by one WHY voice matters … and what an exquisite instrument it  can be.

Warm and fuzzy feeling cartoon

I’m not going to rave on about it… BUT I AM going to bed tonight with a warm and fuzzy inner glow….feeling loved and supported by family, friends and workmates who know how important it is for me to be involved in celebrating what it is to HAVE a voice… after almost 8 years without one.

You all know who you are  … love you long time.

inside out