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world voice day

15 Apr





Tell the world that today is …885978_502274659808486_1563844202_o (2)

CLICK to see the Voices in the Valley

celebrating in song


time to celebrate …

10 Apr


Today marks a milestone … the 100th post in my 365day blog challenge…(and I thought I would be lucky to make the first month).

So…what have I learned in the process ???

  • not to overthink it, trying too hard will definitely lead to brain block.
  • if I  think it …probably others will too (even though they may not yet realise).
  • not to take myself too seriously,  there are plenty of people out there searching for the meaning of life and the universe.
  • that it doesn’t really matter if no-one reads it… (although it’s great to know when they do) … its really just about getting those words out of my head (to make room for more)
  • that I really DO love windows



Here’s to the next 265 days…. thanks for coming on the ride.