what ARE the chances?

9 Mar

P1100549Today I am wondering where the time goes ???? I mean we all say it; but seriously do the days and weeks disappear more quickly than they used to, or are we living life at a faster rate ?

I can’t believe it is almost 3 weeks since I last wrote anything … but the truth is I am constantly wondering. Every day there is something bizarre that catches my attention and I think mmmm I must make a note of that, but before I do, it’s tomorrow!

But here I am and this one’s for Frankie…..

I don’t know about all of you but as I get a little older  it seems that there are more and more of life’s little co-incidences. Some funny, some odd and some downright spooky but all are a source of great amusement.   Now this is a topic that I could literally write a book about… but seriously “what ARE the chances”?

  • Of bumping into an old work buddy that I had not seen for 15years…saying we must make the time to catch up then stepping into an elevator with him (and 11 other people) and getting stuck for 2 hours.
  • Of meeting a new work colleague and having an overwhelming sense of  “I know you” only to discover she is the niece of a good friend from my early high school days, and who died suddenly at age 13…. (You guessed it this young woman had never even met her aunt ~ but she is the living image of her).
  • Of living in street of 16 houses in a sleepy village, only to discover that the families in at least 4 of the homes (currently… because there WERE  6) came from my home suburb, had connections with my family one way or the other  and one actually lived in my street.
  • Of being the most verbose  (well almost) person on this earth and being struck with a voice disorder (mmm, maybe there’s a message in that LOL) AND  being out for coffee with my ‘visually challenged’ buddy  only to bump into a mutual friend from way back who is …… you guessed it …. DEAF.
  • Of meeting someone in cyberspace, on a U.S website who shares a similarly bizarre medical condition, and happens to be from Australia, then when we chat about maybe meeting up one day , we discover that we work within 3 kilometres of each other.
  • Of getting detoured through the backstreets of Strathfield and thinking I MUST remember to call my friend tonight, then hitting a roadblock and being stuck on a street called by her surname.
  • Of walking down the street of a sleepy holiday village…commenting that is “God’s waiting room” because of the age demographic… then that moment noticing an elderly gent sitting quietly behind the steering wheel of his parked car, but minus a heartbeat.

You get the picture …….. this is just the very tip of the iceberg and could become a book in its own right, but seriously what ARE the chances? I don’t have  a religious bone in my body, but I am certain there is something greater than me steering my ship.


One Response to “what ARE the chances?”

  1. Ashley Cal April 27, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    Always readable, brings a smile to my face. The term is synchronicity, and it may be worth developing your psyche even further – rejoice in these coincidences. Lotsa love. The Berries of Tooli.

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