when is a bargain not a bargain?

2 Jan

Today I’m wondering about the things that we are good at …..and the things that we are not so good at.  In fact there are many many things that I am really shit at,  but today I want to  admit to a failing that many of you will find ridiculous.  I am just useless at internet shopping !!!

Sure I have clicked ‘buy now’ on a number of Catch of the Day or similar promos that fall in your lap and you don’t need to think about (and more likely, don’t actually ‘need’ at all)… but when it comes to deliberate purchases …I suck.

I have never been a great bargain hunter. You know the type,  comparing prices and value for money, blah blah blah  …. so the idea of comparing a “WORLD’s worth’ of products to get the best price really just annoys me. I would much rather walk into a shop to touch, feel, smell, try on …. a product, than to click ‘buy’ and then wonder if it really is what I think it is.

I have had several disaster purchases, but today’s case in point goes like this: I was needing a new smart phone …don’t really care too much other than it MUST be dual sim card. I let Michael do lots of the background reviews and then present me with a shortlist, which was then easily narrowed to one specific phone.


This phone was available in-store at a reasonable price last Monday (walk in walk out with it) BUT, was advertised $50 cheaper online, with the option to ‘pick-up’. That  that sounded completely reasonable to me (even though it meant a trip to Parramatta), so taking the opportunity for a girly day of shopping with a friend and  lunch, I collected it on Tuesday . BUT after driving all the way home, I soon discovered it was NOT the dual sim model of the phone at all !!  Aarrgh.

Of course the store was closed by the time I realised and we tried to call, …then the following day (yesterday) was a public holiday… So today I headed back to Parra to exchange it, only to be told that the advertisement  was wrong BUT I could have the dual sim phone for …. the SAME price that I could have bought it in the first place last Monday, but ‘by the way …we don’t have the colour you want’.

So my potential $50 savings cost me 4 x 55km trips,  a parking fee, a heap of time, and a whole lot of opportunistic shopping en route… only to get a full refund and then buy (the right colour)  at the original price… go figure !!


4 Responses to “when is a bargain not a bargain?”

  1. Linda January 2, 2014 at 7:40 am #

    Sounds about right haha
    Its the F@#@# fairy.

  2. Karen January 2, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    Ummm so you did every thing right but the system let you down…yep that sucks.
    But I had no idea you could get a phone with a dual SIM card !!!!!
    So you have one phone and two numbers????
    Two bills ??
    What brand did you get ???
    Have you started on day 3 blog.
    Going well so far…an enjoyable read 🙂

    • 50 something but not dead yet January 2, 2014 at 9:53 am #

      LOL Thanks Karen … Yep Dual sim phones are great to save having separate work and personal handsets … BUT yes 2 numbers 2 bills …(all very easy). A couple of years back I had a Samsung Duos it was really the only one, but now there are a few. The one in question is an LG … looks pretty awesome now that I finally have it… but will let you know 😉

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