the meaning of eyebrows

3 Jan

So…who really knows what they are all about …eyebrows I mean. Apart from decorating the space between our eyeballs and hairline, do they really have a purpose? I’m guessing it is another of those ‘age related’ considerations, but mine seem to be vanishing, and while I have never been well-endowed in this area, these days they really need daily enhancement.

This might seem an odd thing to ponder, BUT their gradual disappearance has me concerned that I will end up being one of those ‘more senior’ women with perfectly placed pencil lines, arched like a clown in permanent surprise mode (or with too much botox on board) …..and that scares me.

To my great relief I was introduced to a new product (that is somewhere between paint & pencil), which you apply with a specially shaped brush. The “eyebrow artist” that did the demo was so meticulous in her application and took so long, that I was left wondering how the hell would I be able to walk out of the shop  ……but I am pleased to report that I suddenly had fuller and more natural brows than I can ever recall.

I have never been hirsute on this part of my body; in fact the first time I met my MIL she stared me in the eye and told me that I plucked my eyebrow WAY too thin and I should let them grow …. geeze Louise …I wish !!!

On a completely different and final note…a few years back I was on a planning committee for the construction of a new Health facility, the committee was full of big wigs…architects, designers and bureaucrats. We spent several long winded meetings discussing the best design for the ‘Eyebrow Signature’ of that place (yep think about the cost to your Health $$’s )… It was all I could do to contain myself when I realised that they were discussing the awnings above the windows!

So clearly they are important… but for what I have no idea.

(note the eyebrow on today’s window…. kind of like mine really, thin and almost invisible)


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