a dying business…

22 Jan

In keeping with one of my early ponderings about death and dying (‘the lighter side of life, death and friendship’), it seems that at the moment, all roads lead to the crematorium.

Late last year I noticed a run of commercial radio adverts for Liverpool Cemetery. While I thought it was quite odd, the days soon passed and so too did the incessant commentary on why I should bury my loved one @ this  “location to die for”.  images

BUT… this morning on my drive to work, I heard not one, but 3 upbeat advertisements for “the Catholic section at Rookwood Cemetery” and I couldn’t help but wonder what’s going on?

I can’t imagine that the funeral business is that slow…..or that people have found a better option….

As far as I’m aware, burial plots and cremation walls are NOT normally on one’s list of must-have consumer items…I don’t know too people saying:  ‘Oh I heard them advertising a good price on graves this morning … let’s go and have  a look before they sell out, at this sought after location”.

On the other hand, the idea of pre-paying and arranging the ‘send off’ ahead of time  makes complete sense, and saves those who are left behind from needing arrange things in their moments of grief (plus you have the fun of choosing what YOU want… ….and it’s hard to beat ‘location, location’)



6 Responses to “a dying business…”

  1. Bronwyn January 23, 2014 at 10:49 pm #

    That’s great Lou, Arlo & I both laughed out loud with this one. It reminded me of when Dad died. He had always been very insistent that funeral homes should be Australian businesses, not American companies. So, we found a great local family business in Nowra & proceeded to purchase the plot. This all happened in the weeks prior to the GST being introduced. Mum was so thrilled with the almost “bargain” price (ie no GST yet) that she asked me to buy hers too. She wanted absolutely no details, just to pay the final bill then & there. It was hard not to be touched by her excitement, there is so much black humor in death. Bx

    • 50 something but not dead yet January 24, 2014 at 9:57 am #

      LOL… glad it put a smile on your dial Bron….and how fabulous that you ‘beat the system’ for your Mum & Dad. I bet your dear Dad is still laughing about that.

  2. guyportman February 10, 2014 at 11:32 am #

    Liverpool or Rookwood? I would have to go for Rookwood being a Catholic, if I lived in Australia that is.

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