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the lost art of ironing

16 Feb

When I think back to my childhood, I remember the laundry being a feature of Mum’s life, something she took great pride in. Getting things soaked, washed, hung out to dry, back in and ironed all in the one day was a marathon that she ran with ease…. often competing with my live-in Nan for the gold medal.laundry

So why is it that staying on top of the ironing is such a hurdle for me ?? …how DID I miss out on the ironing gene?

I go through fits and starts… but anyone who knows me well, knows that there will always be one (if not two) baskets of clothes tucked away in the laundry somewhere waiting on their turn to be pressed and returned to their spot in the wardrobe.

Not really a big deal, until … 5 minutes before  time to walk out the door ‘Mr 50 Something’ has his heart set on  wearing a particular shirt …and it’s nowhere to be found.Chaos ensues and stress levels rise, until ‘said shirt’ is discovered in last month’s ironing pile …then the trusty appliance is heated and creases vanished, by which time we are running late. ….again!

Where’s Mum when I need her ? …



cashing in on Cupid

12 Feb

When did Valentines Day become reason for yet another ‘sale’ ?cupid 2

Like many of you  (I’m guessing)… every single day my inbox fills with ‘special deals’…, ‘offers too good to refuse’…, ‘bargains’ and ‘golden opportunities’. I quickly scan before highlighting blocks of them and hitting the all powerful ‘delete’ button.

Very occasionally, my attention is captured and I can’t resist being drawn in …perhaps even buying the odd dinner deal or gift voucher. BUT, these last few days have seen Valentine’s Day specials popping up all over the place. Discount gifts to express your love… delivered to your door at the click of a button.

Tell me ….what Valentine in his/her right mind would buy you a new set of saucepans?? …or pavement cleaning??  …and why is 14th Feb the time to “get romantic in a new pair of heels” ?  LOL the mind boggles at that one.

I’m just wondering what marketing giant thought up these crazy gift ideas?

IF you really feel compelled to tell someone you care… go and buy a Hallmark greeting card  (or you could sms, tweet, facebook, facetime, skype or instagram them).

Finally here’s a  tip from this ’50 something’ cupid…DON’T go the saucepans, or you could end up wearing them.



a dying business…

22 Jan

In keeping with one of my early ponderings about death and dying (‘the lighter side of life, death and friendship’), it seems that at the moment, all roads lead to the crematorium.

Late last year I noticed a run of commercial radio adverts for Liverpool Cemetery. While I thought it was quite odd, the days soon passed and so too did the incessant commentary on why I should bury my loved one @ this  “location to die for”.  images

BUT… this morning on my drive to work, I heard not one, but 3 upbeat advertisements for “the Catholic section at Rookwood Cemetery” and I couldn’t help but wonder what’s going on?

I can’t imagine that the funeral business is that slow…..or that people have found a better option….

As far as I’m aware, burial plots and cremation walls are NOT normally on one’s list of must-have consumer items…I don’t know too people saying:  ‘Oh I heard them advertising a good price on graves this morning … let’s go and have  a look before they sell out, at this sought after location”.

On the other hand, the idea of pre-paying and arranging the ‘send off’ ahead of time  makes complete sense, and saves those who are left behind from needing arrange things in their moments of grief (plus you have the fun of choosing what YOU want… ….and it’s hard to beat ‘location, location’)