swimming upstream

28 Feb

pedestrianSome of you will recall me writing about the rules of being a pedestrian back in January. We were on holidays on the sunny north coast…and I was busy challenging the conventions of the morning walk.

Well forget all that… and imagine the peak hour foot patrol on 5th Av, NYC…  in the snow.

At 6pm  frozen faces with set expressions are hurrying to get home …or at least to dive into the nearest  store for a quick thaw. A constant stream of bodies covered from head to toe ON THE WRONG SIDE of the footpath. (One of the fun things about travel is remembering which side of the road cars are driving on and which side of the path you are expected to walk on… well get it wrong in this scene and you are in for a challenge).    

While normally such rules don’t concern me …(in fact I like nothing better than a bit of civil disobedience), the thought of slowing my progress by swimming upstream was more than this little cold duck could bear.

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to ‘go with the flow’. P1120773


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