say what ???

1 Mar

subwayWhen I was young(er) I was always under the impression that people who walked the streets talking to themselves where candidates for the psych  unit…you know ‘mad’ !!! In fact I recall someone from my school days who regularly spoke to telegraph  poles, and was subsequently being “managed” for odd behaviour…. Yet these days it’s a whole different ballgame.

Walking the streets of NYC I have been witness to SO many one sided conversations…. loud animated and without any obvious respondent. …BUT connected to someone somewhere…..not that you would know it at first glance, because ear plugs have become a fashion accessory, often tucked inside woolly ear muffs….and the handpieces themselves are stowed away on coat pockets, so really there is little to alert the onlooker that there is even a phone involved.

Today I got the inside story on domestic disharmony in one household… the poorly organised financial arrangements of a woman’s (adult) offspring in another…  and the highs and lows of a teenage love affair.

All on a 5 minute subway trip….who needs TV for entertainment when you can live it ?



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