mad hatters…hats matter…

6 Mar

The extreme change of temp from Sydney to NYC has called for an extreme change of wardrobe too. Now, for the most part that’s been fun, and I must say I’ve done OK in keeping warm … BUT there is one fashion item that I am really struggling with, and will be glad to leave behind when we return to south of the equator….that’s the poor humble hat !!

hat6 hat7

Call it want you want, a hat…beanie…tuque…toque…bonnet..or balaclava, I can’t seem to get it right, and let’s face it, they are deadly when it comes to the hair-do!

I have had a keen eye on the head-wear of the passing parade but seriously……….?  it seems like ANYTHING goes.

I can honestly say, that apart from sitting around the Christmas table, or at the Royal Easter Show …I have never seen so many adults sporting comical head attire.  I’ve seen animal hats complete with faces and ears, Russian Cossack hats, woolly handknits and beaver and rabbit creations… all making interesting fashion statements (especially when teamed with a business suit on the subway in morning peak hour).

So despite my difficulty in getting in right….I’m reassured that really, no-one gives a damn, and the point is really just to stop your brain from freezing !!!



One Response to “mad hatters…hats matter…”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette March 6, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    Haha yes it really is freezing in NY right now! These hats are all so adorable I want them all! 🙂

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