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big brother navigates…or does he?

7 Jul

My, how times are changing. The days of the humble street directory are fast vanishing along with telephone books and post offices. Don’t misinterpret this as a necessarily negative thing…just a puzzling phenomenon that makes me wonder what comes next.

So… Today I had a giggle when driving through a suburban street and I passed a car with a ‘super tall’ camera strapped to its roof. As it slowly navigated lawnmowerthe narrow roadways, it was recording the street view for ‘one or another‘ satellite navigation system. How strange to think the guy mowing the lawn minus his shirt will be captured in cyberspace and pop up when anyone googles that humble household.

But  you’ve got to admit the whole ‘sat-nav’ thing is pretty amazing technology… and something that many of us have come to love….(even with those crazy cyborg voices). BUT don’t be fooled, those small talking screens don’t know everything …even when they think they do.

satnav3Last night we were weaving through the cold, dark, city streets of Sydney, when our ‘not-so-friendly’ autopilot insisted that we turn right at a no-right-turn intersection…The instructions came fast and furious to ‘make a legal U turn’ … (now YOU try THAT on Oxford Street !) …A quick whip around the block resolved the issue with no guidance other than our own sense of direction (and ‘Sally Sat-Nav’ still yelling at us).

The morals of the story are… (1) make sure you are dressed and have your lippy on when gardening…and (2) don’t blindly trust ‘Sally Sat-Nav’…you never know when she will lead you astray!

(but some of us ’50Something’ women are like that!)



tall but true travel tales …

5 Jul

I had a  trip down memory lane today when I was reminded what an eventful and unusual life I have ( it could certainly never be described as boring…) Anyway as always truth can be stranger than fiction ….so here goes.

We were talking about long haul flights (and when good times turn bad) … and I was suddenly transported back to Orlando Florida 2010, where, on our last night of a fabulous 3 week holiday, I became ill…really really ill. I woke up in our Disney Hilton Hotel room vomiting and feeling like death … and it was the morning of our flight back to Australia.

What could one do …other than call the ‘Disney Doctor’ ?

Anyway he came (and thank goodness he was ‘real’),  jabbed me with something to settle the vomiting and eventually we set off to the airport (many plastic bags in hand, courtesy of the cleaner,  as ‘Mr 50 Something’ bundled me into the taxi).

deltaWe checked in at the airport and I promptly found some floor space where I could lay quietly in my misery … BUT it wasn’t long before the pain and vomiting were back with a vengeance. Next think, most ‘un-ladylike’  I am running through the airport and vomiting in the plastic bag, but soon discovered that the bottom of the bag was missing …mmm.. you can imagine.!!

There I was in the bathroom and our flight was being called … I was now facing a ‘do’ or ‘die’ decision…but figured I would give it a go. I freshened up as much as you can with vomit all over your dress …and we boarded the plane.

With lots of self talk, deep breathing and relaxation… I convinced myself I could do it. That was, until we were all strapped in, the doors closed and the plane began to draw away from the departure bay; right at that moment the woman sitting beside ‘Mr 50Something’ opened her home cooked snack box and the smell of greasy food was enough to set me off….passenger

so I DID IT !!

I broke all the rules …unbuckled my seatbelt, stood up and  proceeded to collect my hand luggage. ‘Mr 50Something’ was certainly looking a tad anxious and embarrassed as flight staff appeared from everywhere and I announced that I was ‘getting off’ !!

Next minute the Captain arrives to see what the commotion is … took one look at me and said he understood… and that I certainly didn’t look like I belonged on his plane, so back to the parking bay and we were unceremoniously disembarked … minus our luggage. I was never so pleased to be back in the fresh air and couldn’t care less about anything …as I hit the deck to lay on the floor of the terminal; and let my travel companion deal with the fallout ….and find us a room.

I’m happy to add that after a night in the airport hotel, a shower and washed clothes, we backed up to do it all again the following day…..and that our luggage was waiting for us here in Sydney.

Moral to the story ….avoid dodgy seafood the night before a long haul flight (or any other flight really..).




I know you’ve heard it before … BUT…what ARE the chances???

20 Jun

I never cease to be amazed as the serendipitous moments in every single day …. (no I haven’t had too much to drink although I do sit here with my Friday night wine)… But as I have ‘matured’ into a ’50Something’ …( kind of like a good cheese), I am constantly in awe of those strange and special  ‘pleasant surprises’.

I have pondered in the past that synchronicty is amazing… BUT only if you notice it.

If we are all running around with our heads up our bums and completely self absorbed, we are guaranteed to miss these quirky and seemingly meaningless messages that remind us ‘all is good in the world’ (well…. maybe not “all” good, but life could be a lot worse for most of us).

Anyway, at the risk of rambling (and sounding lime a complete ‘nutter’… a couple of things have happened these past few days that prompt this odd post.


The first one was randomly emailing a very dear friend, and as I hit the ‘send’ button … I received an email from that exact same friend … same moment in time and very similar sentiment!! Yep a little weird, and very lovely… but probably not ALL that amazing to many of you.

But how about this ? …..Driving home tonight … in the dark and cold, and I’m getting a little warm and fuzzy as my mind wanders to planning a rather significant family farewell celebration for next weekend. As I ponder the impact of #1 son and his beautiful partner moving to the other side of the world … I pass a car with a CAM numberplate (yep, that would be his name). I smile and remember that we will never be too far apart !

Then… as if that’s not enough, within the next 30 minutes on the road I pass ‘MYK‘ (Mr 50 Something)  and ALI (#1 daughter) … WOAH!… (now this is starting to get a little weird).  All I can say is thank god I read number plates !!!

So… what ARE the chances ???…




12 Jun

Lately I have been noticing domain names popping up all over the place … people promoting their web address anywhere that it can be seen. It seems that the days of having your company name and phone number have gone in favour of the one click web address…. BUT today  I was driving behind a car with a very long and confusing word salad on the back window … and while I was trying to decipher it, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking.

Taken out of context…(and minus any form of punctuation) they are both amusing and confusing… I mean where DOES one word stop and the next one start?

think about ….

Pen Island (custom pen manufacture) http://www.penisland.net

Experts Exchange (professional job placement) http://www.expertsexchange.com

Choose Spain (travel site) http://www.choosespain.com

Teachers Talking (language support for teachers) http://www.teacherstalking.org

mmm I reckon it might just pay to throw in a full-stop here and there.



paranoia ….

3 Jun

highway patrol

How is it that you can be driving down the freeway minding your own business  and the mere sight of a highway patrol car makes you slam your foot on the brake..your heart race….and your palms sweat?

The tell tale flashing red brake lights scream ‘GUILTY Officer’.. (even if you’re travelling 10kph below the speed limit)….mmm…and isn’t it funny how the level of paranoia is directly proportionate to the number of points left on your licence?






mad hatters…hats matter…

6 Mar

The extreme change of temp from Sydney to NYC has called for an extreme change of wardrobe too. Now, for the most part that’s been fun, and I must say I’ve done OK in keeping warm … BUT there is one fashion item that I am really struggling with, and will be glad to leave behind when we return to south of the equator….that’s the poor humble hat !!

hat6 hat7

Call it want you want, a hat…beanie…tuque…toque…bonnet..or balaclava, I can’t seem to get it right, and let’s face it, they are deadly when it comes to the hair-do!

I have had a keen eye on the head-wear of the passing parade but seriously……….?  it seems like ANYTHING goes.

I can honestly say, that apart from sitting around the Christmas table, or at the Royal Easter Show …I have never seen so many adults sporting comical head attire.  I’ve seen animal hats complete with faces and ears, Russian Cossack hats, woolly handknits and beaver and rabbit creations… all making interesting fashion statements (especially when teamed with a business suit on the subway in morning peak hour).

So despite my difficulty in getting in right….I’m reassured that really, no-one gives a damn, and the point is really just to stop your brain from freezing !!!