beaten by technology….and the international date line

8 Mar

Well despite my very best effort and perfect track record so far… My 365 day blog challenge tripped over somewhere between New York City  on March 6th and arriving home in Sydney today March 8th.qantas

While I was prepared for the crazy time travel…what I wasn’t prepared for was a complete technology failure. ARRRGH… Having prepared some (fairly brief and banal) words to post when we had a quick stop in LA… I was shattered to discover that my laptop and phone were BOTH dead and unable to be recovered in the short stop-over. Bugga !!.

So now that the explanation is out of the way. I’m happy to tell you that the flight was good …all 23 hours of it !! and paying a premium for ‘Exit Row’ seats definitely made ALL the difference to these long legs.

It made me reflect on the number of fabulous Americans we met while we were away, who, immediately after asking “how many Aussies REALLY get attacked by sharks when surfing?” …in the next breath said they wanted to visit Australia… but couldn’t ’cause it was just SO far away.

Hello ….NEWSFLASH my American friends!!!!  It is the same distance whichever way you fly (and this was our 3rd visit to USA) so feel free to jump on board, buckle up… and come on down…. I promise to keep the sharks at bay.



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