another epic fail….

15 Mar

So you would think that after 34 years of domestic bliss, I might have mastered (or mistressed) the art of doing the laundry.washing

I know I have made confessions in the past regarding failure with keeping up the ironing, and button maintenance ….BUT this one involves the actual washing.

You know lifting the lid adding clothes and detergent then pushing a button.  How hard can it be ???

Well you see,  I have had one of those terrifying colour runs. A very special two tone panelled sweatshirt that was a much loved souvenir from the Guinness factory in Dublin. ..And you guessed it …It’s not mine (oops).

In finally getting life back in order after our spontaneous trip to New York City (did I happen to mention that I WON a trip to New York ??? oh yeah, I’m sure I did … just pinching myself)…. I did that last load of washing and …well, the rest is history.

I haven’t had the heart to tell ‘Mr 50 Something’ yet… but if he is keeping up with the blog, I guess he will know before long…. Sorry Darling  …(looks like we will be off to Ireland again in the near future).



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