move over Pro Hart…

16 Mar

After the craziness of yesterday afternoon’s storm here in Sydney, we managed a lovely birthday –come- housewarming soiree, on a rooftop in Bondi.  ‘Number-one-son’ and his partner had moved into their new home a couple of weeks back, so it was great to catch up with them and their friends and to check out the apartment.

So…being a mum and ever mindful of my mantra… ‘where there is alcohol there will be plenty of food’… I decided to pop down to the apartment and prepare a tasty late night hart

After creating a mountain of steaming hot nachos, piled high with guacamole, cheese  and sour cream (100% health food)… we were challenged with getting it back up 2 flights to the rooftop.  So, using my brain, I popped the hot metal tray on top of a wooden chopping board, and we headed on up the stairs. BUT as I negotiated turn number 2 the worst happened …without any warning the tray slipped sideways hit the wall bounced off and tumbled onto the carpet in the hallway…guacamole, cheese and all !!!

OOPS… Pro Hart eat your heart out…it was spectacular!

Disbelief soon gave way to amusement   and shock gave way to hysterics as we attempted to scrape it up before any of the neighbours arrived to witness the spectacle.

P1130040 Talk about a great first impression …it seems you can take me anywhere …once!


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