faking it …

25 Apr

I am not a huge TV watcher these days… However the fact that ‘Mr50Something’ loves his telly, means that I get my fair share of the small screen by osmosis; as a consequence,bad-fake-tan I have begun to notice a somewhat disturbing phenomenon… everyone is ORANGE !

Now, I am what you would call ‘fair skinned’ ~ born with a mop of red hair.  I went on to have the freckles and whole deal, then as a teenager I soon became a fan of fake tan (back in the good old streaky spray tan‘Coppertone’ and ‘Sea and Ski’ overnight tan days).

I am still ‘all for’ a natural sunkissed look…BUT for goodness sake these TV presenters that light up the screen with their luminescent orange faces, have got to be kidding! Whoever told them they looked good?

I’m sure it’s made worse by being THAT time of the year that we are all desperately clinging to the last rays of summer, milking every moment before we cover up for winter…but seriously???

Whatever the reason, its not a good look, and makes me wonder about the benefits of black and white TV!



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