summing things up…

24 Apr

Picture this… I am in a store waiting to purchase 2 new autumn tops  (that’s not important ~ just wanted to share my bargain), all around the store are signs saying 40% off EVERYTHING, but also on the counter is a small display offering 10% discount to students.

student discountA young man approaches the counter ahead of me and asks the shop assistant how he goes about getting the student discount.

She smiles and replies that there is 40% off EVERYTHING and therefore the student discount does not apply.

Puzzled he asks again … ‘but what do I need to do to  get the 10%?’40 percent

Again she responds calmly and says that all he needs to do is show his student card, HOWEVER today it does not apply because there is 40% of EVERYTHING.

He insisted that he would like to have the student discount because he is a Uni student …and she said … ‘OK that’s fine, just double checking that you would rather have the 10% discount than the 40% storewide discount’?

He stood there, mouth wide and thinking, then after some time replied …’well maybe the 40% would be a better deal… eh’?

Let’s just hope he is not studying mathematics.





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