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life according to Miss Piggy ….

15 Jul

Today I’m torn, and not sure what to wonder about…the possibilities are endless after a rather bizarre day at work.office

So rather than pondering the nuances of human behaviour… you know, the good the bad and the ugly of office life…I think I’ll try a  Bex, a cuppa tea and a good lie down instead.

BUT … before take to my bed,  I am happy to report the outcome of our tightly controlled scientific observation of lunar patterns (see full moon madness & still mooning, a few days back)

I can finally confirm that YES, we have the same moon behaviour here in Aus as our friends on the other side of the globe… so if moon is full, so too is theirs. Phew… that took a few days to sort, but my foreign correspondent reported back today, with a full moon sighing over Barcelona 2 nights ago.

That’s one big issue sorted.


office politics

8 Jul

kitchen sink

Cohabitation is a tricky deal wherever it happens. But more often than not… at least in our domestic worlds, we have choices; unlike the office where people of all shapes, sizes, religious and political persuasions are thrust together and expected to share space and tolerate habits.

Now for the most part I have worked in a harmonious environment that functions a bit like an extended (if somewhat dysfunctional) family. We don’t always see the world through the same glasses, but that’s not a bad thing really after all we are an eclectic and fairly tight bunch …on the whole.

However that doesn’t mean that there is never any domestic disharmony … there’s plenty. The kitchen clean-up is the one bone of contention that never ever goes away, but at the moment the other issue is space…. open-plan or closed off ? who sits where? who is noisy and who needs quiet ? who likes the air con on and who prefers windows open ? the list goes on…and on….and on ….. as we make room for a bunch of new people to move in.

It’s so funny how just ONE new person can change the dynamic of an office … (and when you consider it we’ve had quite a few changes and people coming and going lately )…so there is a definite sense of chaos ….and I don’t cope well with chaos! Spontaneity is awesome, but chaos is disastrous…especially when accompanied by noise!!

(can you tell that  I’m ’50Something’… but not dead yet?)