mindfulness vs mindlessness

10 Sep

The frenetic pace of the 2000’s  seems to have given rise to a whole new movement in self care. Yoga has made a comeback and even the tough guys are embracing alternative practices like massage …..(especially with health funds happy to cover their costs).



Then there is also the whole ‘mindfulness movement’. You know, the novel thought of actually being present and paying attention to whatever the hell you are doing, without drifting off and thinking about what to cook for dinner, or carrying on text and email conversations while out for coffee with your friend.

In principal I am a 100% believer… and I do try really really hard to ‘stop and smell the roses’, but clearly I need more practice.

This morning while loading myself into the car to head off to work, I popped my  keep-cup full of green tea (yep still detoxing) up on the roof of the car (I’m sure you can see where this is going). Anyway I jumped in the drivers seat and began sorting my bag out on the seat beside me, and then proceeded to pop the car into reverse and gradually roll back…. OOOPS !

Fortunately I came to my senses well before any harm was done … but it got me to thinking… I really MUST ramp up my mindfulness dial, and begin to pay more attention no matter how mundane., I’m 50something but don’t (yet) have dementia. ….happy days 🙂P1000433



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