a peek in the window…

11 Sep



Today is the 254th blog post and I’m celebrating … prematurely I know, but nevertheless, it’s time for a bit of reflecting on this whole crazy challenge that I set for myself.

Way back on January 1st this year, I made the grand and somewhat rash commitment to post something every day for a year…In part to help clear the backlog of words that have been scrambling around in my head since I lost my voice 8 years ago …… and in part to let anyone who’s interested, look through my windows and share my observations of human nature, nonsense and useless trivia.

While it seemed like a good idea in the beginning, some  times have proven trickier than I imagined… travelling, studying,partying sleeping ….all have the potential to throw my good intentions out one of my 254 windows…BUT so far I have only missed one day  … reasonable I guess, since that day didn’t actually exist for me (I was somewhere over the International Dateline and lost it).

There is still a long way to go … but not nearly as far as it was back in the beginning, so thanks to anyone and everyone that stops by to take a peek behind the curtains.



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