the power of the pelvic floor ..

12 Sep

Tonight’s offering comes as a result of spending 2 days in lock down with 14 other women …75% of whom where in the same 50Something age range…and one man (some might say he was lucky ~while others would be hugely sympathetic).

While the days were full of mental and emotional stimulation, soul searching and forward planning …they were also peppered with humour, hysterics and coughing (it will be a miracle if we don’t all succumb to the germs that were being shared in droplets amongst all of us …but we ARE a ‘caring n sharing’  kinda bunch).

The conversation was deep and at times very emotional and revealing…but you can always count on light relief from this bunch, with an inappropriate joke or comment to move things back to the comfort zone. Continence2_000

That is ….until someone suddenly has the urgent need to pee. With that amount of heightened energy and emotion in the room, the relief was palpable when a distraction came in the form of a  50Something pelvic floor.. that just couldn’t hold on another second and made a bee line for the bathroom.

Our pelvic floor muscles are so under-rated an under-appreciated. After all, look at the fantastic effort in holding our bits were they belong for 49 years …before, suddenly the are in the hot seat for public humiliation when they begin to fail at 50.

So while you are busy contemplating the meaning of this nonsense ..spare a thought for yours and put it through it’s paces while you thank it for all the hard work over the years. Even you guys can give it a crack… and I promise you will feel it doing you good.



4 Responses to “the power of the pelvic floor ..”

  1. Sammy D. September 12, 2014 at 4:55 pm #

    Hi ! I like to scroll through the Boomer tag now ‘n then, but don’t often find a blogger that interests me. I enjoyed this post very much – my style of message with humor, and have read back through a number if your previous posts. I like variety in my reading (as well as my own blog writing) and look forward to seeing your future thoughts and photos, too.

    • 50 something but not dead yet September 12, 2014 at 11:11 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by Sammy D ;-). My musings really are just about taking look at the everyday nonsense that makes our life what we know it. Since losing my voice 8 years back – I’ve found that communicating these quirky and trivial observations became too hard… so the blog is my space to say all the silly shit that takes too much effort in real life. I’m thrilled that you can take something amusing from it and will definitely pop over and take a peek in your window 😉

      • Sammy D. September 12, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

        I am so sorry you lost your voice. In my short blogging time, I have found many bloggers are either introverts or have physical limitations that make social interaction difficult. I’m an introvert in person and extrovert online. Recovering from a bike accident in which jaw problems make talking for longer than a half hour difficult, so I have great excuses for making my blogging buddies my world. I’ve met wonderful people.

  2. 50 something but not dead yet September 12, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    LOL ..yes it’s a strange but wonderful world that we live in ..I often contemplate that if I were living with my vocal challenges even as recently as 30 years ago … life would be very different, the cyberworld really does open up so many opportunities to communicate and meet people. I’m naturally quite extrovert…love people and LOVE talking, but life as I knew it has changed, so I needed to find other outlets before my head exploded with words that couldn’t get out.
    With your busted jaw, I know you can appreciate the exhaustion of communication (but at least I can say I don’t have pain 😉 ) . I hope it’s not too uncomfortable for you and that you are well on the way to mending … meanwhile blog on!!

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