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time to come out of the closet…

7 Oct

The warm weather has arrived and with it a need to switch into a summer wardrobe …which means it’s time to kick off the boots and slip on the strappy sandals.

But here’s the thing… I have a confession to make.. it’s time to fess up, you see I have really embarrassing ankles.

They are not the regular cankle variety where the shape is continuous from calf to foot, but
canklesmore of the   “OMG you have hernias on your feet” kind of look, and the strappy sandal becomes quite an issue if not chosen wisely.

Winter is a blessing because boots hide a multitude of sins… but bring on the summer footwear and suddenly I become acutely aware of my muffin tops.

I’ve spoken to a few ‘professionals’ who have drawn blanks, in fact one Physio giggled and said he had ‘not ever seen anything quite like it’ …. mmm helpful (not).

Now, while I know there are much bigger issues …. like solving poverty and achieving world peace…  I wonder what the chances are of having a spot of liposuction (if in fact it is a fatty deposit …not a weirdly ruptured muscle … but who’d know??)… OR perhaps I’m a candidate for “Embarrassing Bodies”

Anyway I feel much better having gone public and would love to know if others share this bizarre affliction and what you do to disguise it.

I may be 50Something but we all deserve to be proud of our  ankles….. don’t we ??CAM00242





defying gravity ….

1 Oct

A couple of weeks back I announced the war against backfat and I’m happy to report I’m winning!!! It’s shrinking in bucket-loads and there only a small amount of residual bra-strap ooze to be dealt with. sagging-breasts

But it’s got me wondering about all the other drooping bits and how we 50something’s can defy gravity and restore them to their correct location…

Is it wrong to want  the perk back on my pectorals and  and the bounce back in my butt? Sadly both seem to be heading south at a great rate, never to return ……Unless perhaps I start a trend and take to permanent inversion…. …Imagine that. And it opens up a whole new market for the latest fashion accessory…. ‘hand-shoes…  the must have item for women defying gravity’.

So whose with me ?




the war has begun…

24 Sep

backfatI haven’t met a 50something woman yet, who is completely content with her body…probably any age really…but by our middle years many of us us feeling generally more comfortable in our skin, however we still have our pet hates… and mine is BACKFAT.

Even when I was a young and much more trim version of myself… I would look at older women and hope that those handles would never appear on my back. Not that I necessarily thought that the women were fat but I really didn’t want those extra rolls off my own… thank you very much.

But along with maturity (and less elastin) my worst fears began to come true.

Now, I can cope with the thicker waistline, heavier thighs, bigger boobs and belly, but I can’t stand BACKFAT ! (even the word makes me squirm)… so you can imagine my horror as I saw the ‘back-bra – bulge’ begin to blossom.

However life is not over yet and the war on backfat has just begun….and it seems like I might just be winning.

Backfat is the enemy and must be eradicated!!! I’m 50something but not dead yet !!!



the curse of curvy calves

1 May

For as long as I can remember I have been well endowed in the calf area. As a young’n I recall being desperately upset when long zip boots first came in fashion and I struggled to find a pair generous enough to accommodate my meaty mid-leg.

curvy calvesIt’s true that my dimensions are not exactly petite… but nor would I say that I am obese. No matter whether I have been in peak shape in need of some trimming … my calves have been a constant. In fact I would go so far as to say that the curvy calf is somewhat of a family tradition, with Mum’s looking like the best ‘baking leg’ you could buy.

Curvy calves are a curse, and for women that share this affliction, exercise becomes fine line….too much walking, jogging, cycling will pump them up even further  and soon have us looking like we are on steroids.

Anyway the reason for this reflection is my current skinny leg jeans attraction. I have a couple of favourite pairs, they fit and feel good…however I find as the day goes on that the lower leg begins to twist and I end up with a side seam somewhere up the front of my shin…worse on the right than left. Now originally I blamed the production process, thinking that the fabric had been cut crooked … however, not so… it is the power of the curvy calf that causes the constant creep.

BUT I will not be beaten… nor will  I give up my favourite jeans!.