lighting up …..

6 Nov

There is no denying that Christmas is not too far away…but when is it too soon to ring the bells on the festive season???

Today when I was driving through Penrith in Sydney’s outer Western burbs, I was struck by the flashing coloured billboard advertising the lighting of the city and arrival of Santa…TOMORROW .. .the 7th November!!!! 

aust christmasIt’s bad enough that we Aussies struggle to compete with the idyllic picture of a white Christmas… complete with egg nog, sleigh bells and the scent of homebaked gingerbread …. but SERIOUSLY ???

We have our own unique way of celebrating in the sun and the surf … BUT the first week of November, out in the burbs is a bit of a stretch to ‘get us in the mood’.

I suppose I understand the commercial battle for the dollar, and I get that stores push to grab it earlier and earlier each year …. but lighting the town and generating that anticipation and magic of Christmas, can surely wait until December.. Can’t it???christmas

I mean, let’s face it, if Trafalgar Square in London and the Rockefeller Centre  in New York…two of the world’s more  iconic Christmas spectaculars…, can wait until December, then ….let me ask  “what’s the rush Penrith” ????




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