Friday …

7 Nov


I’ve gotta say I love the occasional train commute out of the city…. such a fantastic people watching opportunity.

Today I was in the fortunate position of being in the ONLY seat that was facing in the direction that we were travelling ….. meaning that EVERYONE else on the carriage was going backwards !!!!! go figure. …Why on earth no-one flicked their seat over and started a trend ..I have no idea. BUT there I was watching the faces of 50 or so bored Friday afternoon commuters.

It was magic. …the sleepers (complete with one dribbler) , the readers, the chatter’s, the just plain blank….all colours and walks of life…  I had a full view of them and would LOVE to have snapped a pic  (but figured that might blow my opportunity for a little voyeurism).

Whoever said train travel was boring ???




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