8 Nov


Sitting out on the deck tonight, I had my first cicada encounter for the year….those noisy high pitched sounds reminded me that it is summer in Australia.

But as we explained the little we knew about the lifecycle and lifestyle of these humble critters, to our English guest,  it got us wondering… what IS their greater purpose ? I mean seriously… what possible benefit  do they really serve ?

So of course ‘I googled it’.

I was surprised to read that they do actually have a role in the function of the environment …. but more that that they are important to us human being types too …..well depending on what you call important . I guess…it’s all relative 😉

If you think keeping researchers employed and providing a focus for a hobby are essential …. then I guess its true. Likewise (according to Cicada Mania ) these humble creatures have also generated names for bands and, helped us to create childhood memories ……Mmmm, yeah well  maybe,  if mr google says so.

I still wonder why on earth we need these noisy little monsters…guess it’s just another first world problem,



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