radio waves…

9 Nov

It’s funny how the radio station you listen to says so much about you …. (well that’s my rapidly evolving theory anyway).car radio

Driving several different work cars throughout any one week, I’ve now taken to guessing who drove it last…according to what station the car radio is tuned to…And I’m most often correct.

We’ve got the ‘high-brow workers’ who listen to nothing but the ABC Opera channel…, the Hipster who listens to JJJ…,the right wing radical that can’t get enough of shock jocks and their talk back trash on the  A.M bandwidth… the Baby Boomers who can’t let go of their youth, so they re-live it by sticking with hits of the 70’s on WSFM, and the politically inclined that seem to find parliament being broadcast no matter what time of day. It all adds to the light and shade of the work day.

BUT today I jumped into “Mr 50Something’s’ regular ride to head off on a shopping adventure with ‘Miss 20Something“…I was shocked and puzzled to hear the oozing melodic sound of an announcer that made me want to puke.  He sounded soft and silky, smooth as velvet  and oh-so repulsive to hear the pseudo-sexy tone of this man vibrating through the speakers …I’m not hard to please but I like a man to sound like a man…and there is nothing sexier than the sound of a naturally deep ‘radio voice’; but this amby-pamby nonsense just did my head in. (while he was busy doing his ‘love song dedications’.)

**Note to self ….ask Mr 50Something …WHY ?????



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