your plica semilunaris and other useless facts …

10 Nov

You learn something new every day …..(if you’re lucky), but today I learned at least 7 new (and somewhat useless) things.

After working in and around the medical system for around 38 years…AND also having more than my fair share of being on the ‘other side’ … I reckoned that I had a reasonable handle on anatomy. That is …until today.

In one of my daily news-feeds I stumbled on an article outlining  10 useless body parts, only to discover I had no idea about 7 of them  (bet you didn’t either) ….

Now I DID know that we don’t need our  coccyx, appendix or wisdom teetharrector piliBUT I had no idea we even owned :

  • Erector Pili
  • Vomeronasal Organ
  • Auricular Muscle
  • Plica semilunaris
  • Darwin’s Point

…………and as for male nipples and body hair.? well I never really thought much about them …. but I guess that are pretty useless.

If you are as fascinated as I was with this useless information …you can read all about it  HERE 🙂  I’m 50Something and still learning new stuff 😉




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