mixed business…

11 Nov

mixed business


We’re all familiar with the old fashioned concept of the corner store …you know that one that has a little bit of a lot of things. Once found on neighbourhood street corners, they are a little less obvious these days…BUT today I saw a mixed business with a difference.

While stopped in the peak hour traffic heading home, I had time to gaze intently at the couple of shop-fronts located in a small free-standing group of local businesses….and I was struck by something I had not noticed the other gazillion times I have passed by (OR been stuck in that same traffic).

The Acupuncture & Natural Theraphies (their spelling not mine) clinic has added a string to it’s bow, and is now also trading in Real Estate …(mmm now that’s an interesting mixed business…but at least it’s easier to spell). I’m all for diversification …. but that’s a little bit of a stretch even for this creative and somewhat chaotic mind.



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