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raise you an eyebrow …

26 Oct

Sunday = maintenance day …and today it was all about eyebrows.

Those of you regular readers, will know that I have a fascination with eyebrows…My follicularly challenged  brow bones cause me to be somewhat obsessed with these useless bit of face furniture.  Lets just say, the words feeble, fine….and fair …are not understating my dilemma.

Feeling that a trip to the beautician was a bit over the top to tint my sparse offerings….I opted to do it myself. … but without warning ‘Mr 50Something’ not to come into the bathroom. All I can say is he thought Halloween had arrived a few days early when he walked in to discover ….. this …


After reassuring him that this was not a new fashion statement but a means to an end … he was fine. So after 10 minutes of waiting for the magic to happen I had the ‘big reveal’… only to find they are still awfully scrawny, but at least a few shades darker.



In my next life I want real eyebrows …..please!



how big is that fountain of youth…. ?

27 Sep

How old is too old when it comes to trying to enhance your looks and reclaim your youth? I mean it’s great to see our elders making the effort to be fashionable, and to keep up their personal grooming…. but where does the  line stop?

botoxMr 50Something and I where visiting the Dr that looks after my 90Something M.I.L, and I was surprised at the promotional materials all over the waiting room walls … super-sized glossy images of flawless faced retirees,  smiling with their perfect teeth and sunkissed skin,  promising a world of happiness and fulfilment if only you embrace the latest injectable beauty…

Botox and fillers are being promoted to plump up and iron out your lines and erase all signs of aging…… But at 92??? surely  that’s a big job.

Now I’m not suggesting that older folk should be denied the chance to feel good about their looks, but the truth is those lines have been well and truly earned and  should be celebrated…. so pedalling these messages to an audience whose average age is in the 80’s, seems a little unrealistic and perhaps even a tad disrespectful. …don’t you think ??