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the truth about chickens and dolphins

9 Jan

Today I am embarrassed to admit that despite having spent 55 years on this earth, there are so many things I simply have no idea about.

P1120335Over lunch the conversation turned to the mating habits of chickens …(don’t ask me why), and I realised that I did not have a clue about the process of poultry egg fertilisation….  yet despite the fact that I am a midwife, and can tell you anything you want to know about human reproduction …It seems that when it comes to all things ‘foul’… I’ve got nothing.

Later in the day the topic moved to dolphins. Where?… and how ? DO they sleep? and what ELSE do they get up to? (other than playing and providing endless entertainment for onlookers….and a lucrative business opportunity for anyone with a boat big enough to fill with enthusiastic tourists in order to  take their money in the hope of seeing these giant frolicking  fish oops I mean mammals).

Then there was that amazing rainbow halo around the sun today….making it look both eerie and beautiful, BUT what did it mean???

All I can say is ‘thank god for google’ …and that long gone are the old days of the Funk and Wagnells!