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not tonight darling … I’ve got a headache …

21 Aug

headacheAs I was consulting Dr Google today for a tad of self diagnosis, I was surprise to stumble across a link to a number of articles on sexual headaches or coital cephalalgia (try saying THAT one 10 times).

Being of curious mind, I clicked through to see if they were talking about the ‘excuse headache’ or something real.

But no… sure enough, it is a classified medical condition that causes quite some grief (as you can imagine) and requires delicate management.

Imagine that … just as the earth begins to move, you are struck down with a headache that would ‘kill a dog’ … and at the very least make you feel like your about to have a stroke.

Mr 50 Something and I have often pondered how many baby-boomers succumb in the throws of passion… I mean there would be quite a few middle aged lovers who are not match fit, yet feel they can do laps of the bedroom like they’re still¬†20¬†Something.

I wonder just how many heart attacks or stokes are recorded as death by passion ?



caught like a rabbit in the headlights…

6 Jun

Travelling home from work on these short winter days, means that it is usually pitch black before I get to the sanctuary and warmth of my fireplace… BUT the blackness doesn’t stop the die hard joggers and walkers.

I was startled the first time I came across one, but have now come to expect those small bright lights bobbing up and down, and popping out from behind the bushes on the quiet country laneways.headlight3

I wonder if these die hard runners by night, masquerade as ‘miners’ or even more interesting, gynaecologists by day? mmm?headlight 4

These miners ‘headlamps’ light up the the way with enough luminosity to blind the oncoming traffic….perfect for the jogger …but not so fabulous for the one being jogged at.

¬†So if you happen to be one of these culprits, perhaps it’s worth checking to see if you have a dimmer switch before you blind a driver and end up on the tar next to the flat rabbit.