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caught like a rabbit in the headlights…

6 Jun

Travelling home from work on these short winter days, means that it is usually pitch black before I get to the sanctuary and warmth of my fireplace… BUT the blackness doesn’t stop the die hard joggers and walkers.

I was startled the first time I came across one, but have now come to expect those small bright lights bobbing up and down, and popping out from behind the bushes on the quiet country laneways.headlight3

I wonder if these die hard runners by night, masquerade as ‘miners’ or even more interesting, gynaecologists by day? mmm?headlight 4

These miners ‘headlamps’ light up the the way with enough luminosity to blind the oncoming traffic….perfect for the jogger …but not so fabulous for the one being jogged at.

 So if you happen to be one of these culprits, perhaps it’s worth checking to see if you have a dimmer switch before you blind a driver and end up on the tar next to the flat rabbit.