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it’s all in the foundation work

8 Oct

Some of you will recall my recent ramblings about trying to buy a ball gown … and finally nabbing a bargain (despite the cow in one of the  stores)… anyway the much anticipated  event is happening on Saturday.


I’m happy with my dress and have all my accessories sorted … now all that is left is to figure what goes below the surface. It’s a tricky business to get the right amount of support without creating unnecessary ooze lines… so it’s a work in progress, but I’m on the winning side …just going to need a fair bit of magic tape to hold everything in place while we ‘trip the light fantastic’  ….

Or then, there is always this pretend G Strip option (pictured)…but why bother?? LOL



back on the boobs ….

2 Oct

Staying on theme ….today I went bra-shopping.

Honestly, I would normally rather have my top lip waxed than go through the torture of finding a well fitting bra…. BUT that said it was a lot better today than the time I tore my calf muscle while being fitted. (Yep bra…true story you can read all about that exciting event right here … it makes me laugh every time I think back…despite the agony at the time). …

But back to today… it was great to see that the racks are now chockablock full of gelato colours and gorgeous styles to suit all shapes and sizes. There were minimisers, maximisers, push-up, half cups, underwire,no wire,chicken fillets, soft cups, t shirt bras .. bla bla bla ….  it’s endless and mindboggling. They all fit differently  ….and given that you can only take 3 at a time into the fitting room… it’s a slow and tedious exercise. BUT I eventually won !!

My next challenge is figuring how to keep the new strapless dress up, and in place …. but that’s a story for another day.

I’m 50Something …but not dead yet !