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life according to Miss Piggy ….

15 Jul

Today I’m torn, and not sure what to wonder about…the possibilities are endless after a rather bizarre day at work.office

So rather than pondering the nuances of human behaviour… you know, the good the bad and the ugly of office life…I think I’ll try a  Bex, a cuppa tea and a good lie down instead.

BUT … before take to my bed,  I am happy to report the outcome of our tightly controlled scientific observation of lunar patterns (see full moon madness & still mooning, a few days back)

I can finally confirm that YES, we have the same moon behaviour here in Aus as our friends on the other side of the globe… so if moon is full, so too is theirs. Phew… that took a few days to sort, but my foreign correspondent reported back today, with a full moon sighing over Barcelona 2 nights ago.

That’s one big issue sorted.



haunted by a full moon…

15 May

full moon

Driving home tonight  I looked up and saw the amazing full moon…. then thought to myself …mmm where else have I seen that today?

Not once or twice …but THREE times in the one day I have had ‘full moons’ inflicted on me in the form of oversized, white and very very hairy male buttocks. What’s with that???

The first was a large and lovely young man who was helping load some things into my bum crackcar… As he bent into the back seat his ‘less-than-designer’ grey trakkie dacks crept waaay too low revealing waaay too much flesh and suggesting that there were no undies anywhere to be seen.

I soon got on with my day and headed to a meeting. There I met another ‘extra-generously’ proportioned young man who pulled up a chair to sit beside me. As he did HIS low-rise ill fitting jeans snuck well below his ‘crackline’ where they stayed for the entire gathering. (I must admit the ’50Something’ mother in me was just as worried bum crack bikeabout him being cold, as I was about his flesh oozing for the world to see).

Finally as I was heading back to the office, I passed a third heavyweight gent. He zipped past me on a motorbike with both cheeks hanging out and his jacket flapping in the wind…

It got me to wondering if this is some kind of sign … and if so what on this earth (or moon)  it is???