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water-tight …

11 Jan

Before I start today’s trip inside my head just a little background for those of you that have recently joined my 365 day blog challenge.

First of all… ‘the windows’… I discovered one day that lots of my travel photos contained windows… all captured quite by accident. Funny really because I’ve always loved the idea of peeking through windows right on dusk to be a ‘fly on the wall’; not in any creepy kind of way…but I love people, and have always been fascinated by what makes them tick, (so where better to see that than inside their own homes?) .

Anyway … in more recent years since losing my voice, I have wished that people had a clear view through ‘my’ window to see what goes on inside this crazy busy mind (realising that  it’s mostly useless nonsense…) because it’s just too bloody hard to express all this trivia in words. I can manage to get my message across for the ‘essentials’ but the more colourful, detailed minutia of the mind needs a place to escape (before my head bursts).


Now, while finding something to reflect on every day should be easy … there is just so much going on, that it’s sometimes hard to choose, and that in itself becomes a challenge. So each day is just a snapshot of something quirky, amusing or completely banal that makes its way through the chaos of my mind, and is captured in a few paragraphs of nonsense for you to read …or not.

Today it’s all about hair (a recurring theme – it seems) …but this time from a completely different angle.

Holidaying on the coast I couldn’t help but notice an extremely hirsute 50 something man swimming at the beach, BUT NOT GETTING WET!! What the …? Go Figure!!!

As I watched for over half an hour to see this ‘furry fella’ dive and emerge with little more than a glisten on his profuse and well populated follicles, I resisted the urge to pass on the details of the nearest beauty salon for a quick depilation.  BUT when  I turned my attention to a young bohemian, swimming beside me with a huge head of BONE DRY dreadlocks…. I was stumped… How is it that I look  like a drowned rat (flat and frazzled), while these two guys floating by were seemingly waterproof?

Not fair…I want what they’re having!