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no such thing as a ‘quick-stop shop’…

27 Aug

fruit and vegesI know I should try harder with the whole environmental thing, and I do TRY to remember my envirobags when I head to the shops…but there are those times that I get caught short and find myself relying on the plastic tear-off bags for my fruit and veges.

Today was one of those days, and it reminded me how tricky a ‘quick-stop at the shop’ has become.

There I was, just popping in for one or two items, with my wallet, car keys, phone and reading glasses in my hand. Next  minute I’m trying to juggle said items, dropping them clumsily amongst the avocados while feeling for firmness with one hand and the trying to tear a bag off with the other. Finally I manage to rip my bag off … but the next challenge was to actually separate the plastic layers to open it.

No matter how hard I tried I could not part it (having dropped my glasses, I was flying blind, and it took a while to realise that I was trying in vain to open the sealed edge…). But I stood there determined that the damn thing was NOT going to beat me … I mean it can’t be THAT hard…. can it ?

Success at last !! Then… to complete my ‘quick stop’ I headed to the self serve checkout – another habit I have tried to avoid…. but I was rushing…ok?envirobags

Well there I was, balancing my bits and pieces (now along with the added complication of my shopping) … and trying to manoeuvre a bag open to drop my goods into… Again it won’t play!!! The bags were all bunched together and stubbornly refusing to be budged with my one free hand.

So I guess  I can say I have taken the hint …and my envirobag collection is once again tucked safely in the back of the car.



a hallmark moment …

2 Jul

I never cease to be amazed by the random interactions that occur when you least expect them (I guess that’s why they’re ‘random’)….

Anyway, today I was minding my own business, browsing in a department store, and all of a sudden this woman appeared at my side….and launched into …

“excuse me, my son turns 18 tomorrow…. what card should I buy for him”? …… as she presented me with three to choose from.

I was completely stunned, and immediately wondered ‘what the hell’??? before helping her rule out two of the three cards in her hand, by asking ...

(Q)’is he a funny guy’?…(A) NO

(Q) is he a very conservative young man’?…(A) NO

BINGO!!! we were left with a fairly safe but contemporary looking hallmark creation which was sure not to offend …. that was…until she opened it to discover the inside leaf had been inserted upside down. While this appealed to my sense of humour….and really fitted with the bizarreness of this encounter … she was not impressed, so off she headed back to the ‘card section’ leaving me wondering what on earth just happened.

I went back to my business, but 10 minutes later she came running to me at the cash register, just to prove that she found the ‘right’ card…with the insert in correct position…PHEW it was great to know that all was good in the world again (lets just hope that ‘Mr 18year old’ appreciates his Mum’s efforts tomorrow).