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THAT feeling…

18 Dec

There I was, a free spirit in the snowy city, so I wandered along diving in and out of the boutiques then I just ‘fell’ into the beautician to have a little pamperingwpid-uv-free-gel-manicure-kit.jpg manicure. But halfway through, it occurred that I should check that the accept payment by ‘card’ ….everyone does….right?

Ba-boom …..wrong!

There I was with one hand done, struggling with my voice let alone the language….and feeling like a thief. I was just $10 short, but felt dreadful. With a fair bit of sign language the therapist offered that they have an ATM on site (a little odd), I approach it with relief…only to have it spit my card out, with the screen flashing ,… rejected !!!

With burning cheeks, I almost promise my first born grandchild as payment (sorry kids)….with the qualifyer that she may be waiting a while…but instead of that, I left my bootie of goodies with her and went in search of a real bank…

Thankfully my mission was a success after much sign language… and I returned to pay the rest of my debt with my head held high ….and the best looking nails in town.

I wonder what everyone else did for amusement today ….?



nailing it …

18 Nov

I thought it was going to be a really bad day … I love being wrong (sometimes).

Now this may sound trite and somewhat ridiculous, but as I was leaving the house to head to work …I broke a nail  !!!!

Alright …I can  hear you a sigh as you ask what the hell I am on about… but here’s the thing, I have never been able to grow decent fingernails. From the time I started working as a Nurse @ 17years of age, my hands have looked like they belong to a labourer, with nothing nice about them at all.fingernail 2

However… since starting my super healthy detox routine 12 or so weeks ago, not only has the back fat melted…. BUT my hair is growing (way too fast) and my nails are in better shape than I can remember.

So having carefully cultivated and preened my pinkies, I was devastated to catch one on the car door ripping a decent crack in all my hard work.There was nothing else to do, other than contact work to say I would be in late ….and I headed straight to the nail bar (almost worthy of ‘000’ and flashing lights ). Then, with a quick glance and a flick of the magic glue the young nail technician restored my momentary catastrophe back to order so efficiently, that you would never know it ever happened.

Good old super glue can fix anything ….and I wasn’t late for work after all !!