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what do eyebrows… toilets… people… and fashion have in common ?

30 Dec

I have to say …not much !!! except that they have each seemed to feature in my life on a regular basis over this past year.

So following a special request, and before ‘the-year-of-the-blog’ draws to a close, I’m happy to say that this piece of observational trivia touches on all of the above.

BUT… first I must  again comment that I’ve lost a day …24hours of my life vanished. Never to be seen again. So if you notice that we skipped from 28th Dec to 30th Dec …blame the International Dateline (and the fact that Australia is so far away from the rest of the world).

Now, as I have mentioned earlier…plane travel is a great time for people watching.  I mean what else are you going to do while strapped in that seat? (other than eat ‘less-than-great-food’, sleep… and watch movies). The people surrounding you can be a great source of amusement and entertainment …or a complete pain in the bum….But whichever way they go, they provides great fodder for the astute observer. Take for example or my neighbour who, despite establishing very early in the journey that I had no voice, so conversation was impossible ….insisted on asking me endless questions (prefaced with …‘Oh I know it’s hard for you to answer…BUT … what can you tell me about ….insert X,Y,Z …..for the next 15 hours)
P1010620 (2)Or, consider the super-sized gent squeezed between the armrests and looking extraordinarily uncomfortable (not to mention his next door neighbour) …or the four legged pooch who lays still @ his owners feet all the way from New York to LA ( I wonder what party drugs HE was on?)….the gorgeous young woman who ‘slipped into something more comfortable’ and travelled most of 15 hour leg of the journey in her skimpy PJ’s …the list is endless and the entertainment value priceless.

Then there is the morning ‘freshen-up’ ….Daylight arrives, people rouse from their drug induced slumber and begin to queue for the loo. There they are, all waiting to brush the fungus from their gaping mouths and prepare for ‘de-planing’ (yep that’s a word according to our flight steward), so the time taken in the super cosy cubicle is longer than any other visit throughout the flight… but that’s OK because we all want to look our best when we emerge from the airport, back on home soil… don’t we?

However, when my turn comes…to my shock and horror, I enter this slightly-warmer-than-is-comfortable space, to discover the residue of many travellers. Hand towels and loo paper strewn, water splashed all over the cupboard top and worst of all, a sink full of toothpaste spittle. Eeek !! True to my style, I can’t bear to leave it how I find it (after all…god forbid… the next person in the queue  might think I’M responsible …) …so I set about the ‘housework’ so that I can leave with my head held high.

That job done, it’s time to clean myself up. One look in the mirror tells me that 27hrs of travel was not the best for putting ‘the best face forward’ so a full re-do was desperately needed. BUT alas, when I get to the ….(you guessed it….) eyebrows, I had no colouring-in pencil or brush for a touch up. Arrrgggh !!!eyebrows

Always one to improvise, I reached for my mascara,  figuring that a hint of that would do the job …That was, UNTIL… we hit some turbulence  and my ‘hint’ became a solid swipe, and the colour turned out to blue-black rather than brown !!! …ooops, I suddenly look like ‘a horror movie right there on the TV’. 

So, after a few minutes of scrubbing, I emerged  sporting my black eyes (not QUITE what I had in mind to be ready to greet the world)  … BUT… the housework was done ….and appearances where kept up …in part at least!!




go on…deep breath …then jump onboard

28 Dec

After our fabulous white Christmas adventure with ‘the best son in the world’ his gorgeous partner and our new extended family,  it’s time to brace ourselves and head for the airport… So, with the melatonin on hand,  the afterglow of the past 16days in our hearts … and the promise of a movie marathon, I think we’re all prepared to abandon ourselves, give-in to the thought of the pending 27hrs … and jump on-board.

I’ve spent quite some time reflecting on this whole distance thing…. and it’s quite funny really. Over our 4 trips to North America and Canada we’ve met  so many people who say they would LOVE to visit Australia, but that it’s just so far away ….Oh, and the fear of all our ‘man-eating wildlife’ …(mmm too much Steve Irwin I think)long plane ride

Hello …newsflash, it’s the same distance for us (and guess what….we survive).

I think a lot of it has to do with how you think about it ….I have a tendency to look forward to forced R&R..after all there is not much you can do, other than go with the flow, watch the people, and enjoy the ride. You’ve just gotta hope for ‘good neighbours’.


Deep breath – here goes …see you on the other side !!!



THAT feeling…

18 Dec

There I was, a free spirit in the snowy city, so I wandered along diving in and out of the boutiques then I just ‘fell’ into the beautician to have a little pamperingwpid-uv-free-gel-manicure-kit.jpg manicure. But halfway through, it occurred that I should check that the accept payment by ‘card’ ….everyone does….right?

Ba-boom …..wrong!

There I was with one hand done, struggling with my voice let alone the language….and feeling like a thief. I was just $10 short, but felt dreadful. With a fair bit of sign language the therapist offered that they have an ATM on site (a little odd), I approach it with relief…only to have it spit my card out, with the screen flashing ,… rejected !!!

With burning cheeks, I almost promise my first born grandchild as payment (sorry kids)….with the qualifyer that she may be waiting a while…but instead of that, I left my bootie of goodies with her and went in search of a real bank…

Thankfully my mission was a success after much sign language… and I returned to pay the rest of my debt with my head held high ….and the best looking nails in town.

I wonder what everyone else did for amusement today ….?


lost in space….

13 Dec

Having prided myself on only having missed one day so far in my 365 day challenge…it seems I ‘ve been beaten again by that dreaded international dateline. …

No matter how many times I did the mental gymnastics… travelling backwards to the other side of the globe has messed with my head completely. TECNICALLY  I had 2 chances @ 12th Dec….yet somehow its already 13th. For the record, I had a crack at one post an route….but, well…that’s another story.

I wonder if that’s where the saying ‘time flies’  originated from ?


hurry up and relax

10 Dec

on the holiday countdown..no time to think

hurry up

need to get packed so I can relax  (I have never looked forward to a long flight quite so much as I do right now )


tall but true travel tales …

5 Jul

I had a  trip down memory lane today when I was reminded what an eventful and unusual life I have ( it could certainly never be described as boring…) Anyway as always truth can be stranger than fiction ….so here goes.

We were talking about long haul flights (and when good times turn bad) … and I was suddenly transported back to Orlando Florida 2010, where, on our last night of a fabulous 3 week holiday, I became ill…really really ill. I woke up in our Disney Hilton Hotel room vomiting and feeling like death … and it was the morning of our flight back to Australia.

What could one do …other than call the ‘Disney Doctor’ ?

Anyway he came (and thank goodness he was ‘real’),  jabbed me with something to settle the vomiting and eventually we set off to the airport (many plastic bags in hand, courtesy of the cleaner,  as ‘Mr 50 Something’ bundled me into the taxi).

deltaWe checked in at the airport and I promptly found some floor space where I could lay quietly in my misery … BUT it wasn’t long before the pain and vomiting were back with a vengeance. Next think, most ‘un-ladylike’  I am running through the airport and vomiting in the plastic bag, but soon discovered that the bottom of the bag was missing …mmm.. you can imagine.!!

There I was in the bathroom and our flight was being called … I was now facing a ‘do’ or ‘die’ decision…but figured I would give it a go. I freshened up as much as you can with vomit all over your dress …and we boarded the plane.

With lots of self talk, deep breathing and relaxation… I convinced myself I could do it. That was, until we were all strapped in, the doors closed and the plane began to draw away from the departure bay; right at that moment the woman sitting beside ‘Mr 50Something’ opened her home cooked snack box and the smell of greasy food was enough to set me off….passenger

so I DID IT !!

I broke all the rules …unbuckled my seatbelt, stood up and  proceeded to collect my hand luggage. ‘Mr 50Something’ was certainly looking a tad anxious and embarrassed as flight staff appeared from everywhere and I announced that I was ‘getting off’ !!

Next minute the Captain arrives to see what the commotion is … took one look at me and said he understood… and that I certainly didn’t look like I belonged on his plane, so back to the parking bay and we were unceremoniously disembarked … minus our luggage. I was never so pleased to be back in the fresh air and couldn’t care less about anything …as I hit the deck to lay on the floor of the terminal; and let my travel companion deal with the fallout ….and find us a room.

I’m happy to add that after a night in the airport hotel, a shower and washed clothes, we backed up to do it all again the following day…..and that our luggage was waiting for us here in Sydney.

Moral to the story ….avoid dodgy seafood the night before a long haul flight (or any other flight really..).




the advantage of acne…..

14 Feb

As some of you know (and for those who don’t… I’ll tell you) 2 weeks ago I had a call to say I WON …repeat WON… a trip to New York City !!!!! (courtesy of the Sydney Opera House).

How awesome is that ?

So …. the arrangements are all coming together beautifully and easily (with the Opera House staff taking control) however the one thing that I need to arrange is travel insurance …. (funny really since they are paying, but hey, stick with me on this).

I do the obligatory on-line research and start the comparison of value for money…bla bla bla. acne 2Then suddenly I am stopped in my tracks. NOT because of ‘exclusions’ …. BUT because of automatic ‘inclusions’.

I quickly discover that I am covered (‘at no extra cost’) for ACNE and MENOPAUSE!!!  how generous!

Given that we are both ’50 something’ …I’m guessing that acne is not likely to be a HUGE consideration…. but ‘MENOPAUSE’ ??? oh my goodness do they think I’m going  to make a claim for hot flushes?  sleeplessness?  brain fog?…. or just being grumpy.

…come to think of it …..maybe … just maybe!