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nailing it …

18 Nov

I thought it was going to be a really bad day … I love being wrong (sometimes).

Now this may sound trite and somewhat ridiculous, but as I was leaving the house to head to work …I broke a nail  !!!!

Alright …I can  hear you a sigh as you ask what the hell I am on about… but here’s the thing, I have never been able to grow decent fingernails. From the time I started working as a Nurse @ 17years of age, my hands have looked like they belong to a labourer, with nothing nice about them at all.fingernail 2

However… since starting my super healthy detox routine 12 or so weeks ago, not only has the back fat melted…. BUT my hair is growing (way too fast) and my nails are in better shape than I can remember.

So having carefully cultivated and preened my pinkies, I was devastated to catch one on the car door ripping a decent crack in all my hard work.There was nothing else to do, other than contact work to say I would be in late ….and I headed straight to the nail bar (almost worthy of ‘000’ and flashing lights ). Then, with a quick glance and a flick of the magic glue the young nail technician restored my momentary catastrophe back to order so efficiently, that you would never know it ever happened.

Good old super glue can fix anything ….and I wasn’t late for work after all !!




the party’s over…time to detox

17 Jan

Sadly all good things come to an end, including holidays. You know that time has arrived when you begin craving a daily routine… and lettuce leaves.

Having abandoned all diet rules over these past weeks, I thought it might be good to kick start a return to the real world with a ‘foot spa detox’ at the local massage parlour.  With promises to ‘suck the toxins right out of your system via the soles of you feet’… it seemed an offer too good to refuse (and perhaps too good to believe)…but what the hell?  If there was ever any doubt, the thought of a relaxing foot massage at the end, certainly sealed the deal.

Now first up I must say there was something a little unnerving about sitting with my feet in a tub full of water and an electric current running through it… but hey, what could possibly go wrong? Anyway… I’m here to tell the story.


The effect was obvious within minutes. Swirls of colour began to appear and the water gradually started to look like the sludge of a slow running creek. To think those oily slicks, bubbles and flecks of crap were emerging from MY body was enough to make me want to puke… but at the same time provided enormous amusement….so I guess the experience was worth it for the entertainment value alone (not to mention the massage).


I am keeping an open mind, but emerged feeling very relaxed and   ‘cleansed’, almost virtuous and pure (and with very clean feet). Apparently the full effect and sense of wellbeing will peak within 3-4 days, but for now I can say that I immediately felt lighter … not sure if that’s due to the removal of toxins or money from my wallet….we’ll just have to wait and see, meanwhile bring on the lettuce leaves.