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tall but true travel tales …

5 Jul

I had a  trip down memory lane today when I was reminded what an eventful and unusual life I have ( it could certainly never be described as boring…) Anyway as always truth can be stranger than fiction ….so here goes.

We were talking about long haul flights (and when good times turn bad) … and I was suddenly transported back to Orlando Florida 2010, where, on our last night of a fabulous 3 week holiday, I became ill…really really ill. I woke up in our Disney Hilton Hotel room vomiting and feeling like death … and it was the morning of our flight back to Australia.

What could one do …other than call the ‘Disney Doctor’ ?

Anyway he came (and thank goodness he was ‘real’),  jabbed me with something to settle the vomiting and eventually we set off to the airport (many plastic bags in hand, courtesy of the cleaner,  as ‘Mr 50 Something’ bundled me into the taxi).

deltaWe checked in at the airport and I promptly found some floor space where I could lay quietly in my misery … BUT it wasn’t long before the pain and vomiting were back with a vengeance. Next think, most ‘un-ladylike’  I am running through the airport and vomiting in the plastic bag, but soon discovered that the bottom of the bag was missing …mmm.. you can imagine.!!

There I was in the bathroom and our flight was being called … I was now facing a ‘do’ or ‘die’ decision…but figured I would give it a go. I freshened up as much as you can with vomit all over your dress …and we boarded the plane.

With lots of self talk, deep breathing and relaxation… I convinced myself I could do it. That was, until we were all strapped in, the doors closed and the plane began to draw away from the departure bay; right at that moment the woman sitting beside ‘Mr 50Something’ opened her home cooked snack box and the smell of greasy food was enough to set me off….passenger

so I DID IT !!

I broke all the rules …unbuckled my seatbelt, stood up and  proceeded to collect my hand luggage. ‘Mr 50Something’ was certainly looking a tad anxious and embarrassed as flight staff appeared from everywhere and I announced that I was ‘getting off’ !!

Next minute the Captain arrives to see what the commotion is … took one look at me and said he understood… and that I certainly didn’t look like I belonged on his plane, so back to the parking bay and we were unceremoniously disembarked … minus our luggage. I was never so pleased to be back in the fresh air and couldn’t care less about anything …as I hit the deck to lay on the floor of the terminal; and let my travel companion deal with the fallout ….and find us a room.

I’m happy to add that after a night in the airport hotel, a shower and washed clothes, we backed up to do it all again the following day…..and that our luggage was waiting for us here in Sydney.

Moral to the story ….avoid dodgy seafood the night before a long haul flight (or any other flight really..).