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paranoia ….

3 Jun

highway patrol

How is it that you can be driving down the freeway minding your own business  and the mere sight of a highway patrol car makes you slam your foot on the brake..your heart race….and your palms sweat?

The tell tale flashing red brake lights scream ‘GUILTY Officer’.. (even if you’re travelling 10kph below the speed limit)….mmm…and isn’t it funny how the level of paranoia is directly proportionate to the number of points left on your licence?








12 May

Today I wonder ….

“why do we all feel guilty & slam our foot on the brake, when we spot a highway patrol car?”

I mean even when you know you’re not speeding, there is this overwhelming sense of paranoia that kicks in, and before you know it your palms are sweaty, your grip on the steering wheel gets that little bit tighter and you can’t take your eyes off the speedo…. a recipe for disaster really.highway patrol

Today  I was calmly minding my own business as I approached one of those big yellow flashing message boards that shouts out your speed in bright lights for the whole world to see. Then  I glanced in my rear view mirror and spotted a police car…. argh panic !

I scored  54KPH in a 60 zone… followed by a giant flashing  ‘thank you’… all I could think was I hope that friendly  police officer saw my score, and just how grateful the monitor was for my careful driving… now follow someone else!…PLEASE.