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hurry up and relax

10 Dec

on the holiday countdown..no time to think

hurry up

need to get packed so I can relax  (I have never looked forward to a long flight quite so much as I do right now )



broken dreams …

19 Oct

I have recently (like 3 days ago) discovered the magic of ‘White Tea’ … not the kind the you’ve added milk to… but the pale cousin of green tea.

If you believe anything you read  …

‘Lotus Peak White Tea is the pinnacle of sophistication with an unmatched subtlety, complexity and mellow sweet notes once reserved for Emperors and Nobility’ 


(all I know is that it really does taste good)


Which is why I was so devastated to discover a teabag malfunction this afternoon….Having steeped for the requisite 3 minutes I headed to the quiet corner of the garden for my moment of indulgence. About to take my first sip I soon realised that the subtle, complex and mellow sweet notes of sophistication had spilled forth into my cup.

BUT not to be beaten I managed to strain the warm brew through my teeth.

(probably not the way of the Emperors, but tasty nevertheless)

so…if you get a chance ~ join the nobility


getting my zen on …

30 Jan


Tonight it was back to yoga…After a bit of a break, I figured it was time to go back and get reacquainted with my inner Zen  (as well as limber up those muscles for my pending ‘pro-golfing’ career)

After a few ‘cow faces’ and  ‘cobra poses’, we soon picked up the pace with some ‘downward facing dogs’, a few ‘warriors’  and some  ‘camel poses’ before adopting the corpse position to finish up with a final relaxation…wow…talk about relaxed !!  If I was any more relaxed I would have been in a coma…not even the gentle snoring of the others in the room was enough to bring me back to earth.

All I can say is… who needs drugs when you can deep breathe your way to oblivion?